Chessabc base 2019

What is Chessabc Base?

Chessabc Base is a free chess games database in pgn format. 

How often is Chessabc Base updated?

Chessabc Base is updated regulary.  All updates will be availble here to download on monthly bases.

How did chessabc base started?

In search for free pgn databases we couldn't find one pgn file that is complete so we deacided to make chessabc base which will consist of following:

  • MillionBase
  • KingBase
  • twic files
  • Some games that are sent directly to us in pgn format, but not included in above sources. That are mostly tournaments from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.



Due to Corona virus there were no games in 2020/05 month


If you have any suggestions, comments or just want to comment something about chessabc base feel free to comment in the section below.


  • Andro2
    21.05.2020 09:55:13

    Fenomenalna šahovska baza. Prava alternativa chessbase bazama. Ja ću definitivno da je koristim. A phenomenal chess base. A real alternative to chessbase databases. I will definitely use it.

  • mjelcic
    17.05.2020 20:39:37

    Feel free to leave us your feedback!