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About the ChessAbc website

The website (hereinafter Chess ABC) is intended for professional and amateur chess players, clubs and organizers of chess tournaments, students and schools, as well as media that want to transmit information from the world of chess in real time. The founders and owners of the Chess ABC website are: Marko JELČIĆ, Ivana BOGUT and Petar JASAK. Chess ABC is maintained by:

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Personal data - purpose of collection and processing

Personal data that visitors voluntarily leave by filling out the contact form on our website will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing information and services for which the visitor has expressed interest.

For communication with visitors, Chess ABC uses an internal database, which means that personal data remains only with Chess ABC. Personal data is not stored outside the territory of the European Union.

The Chess ABC website is hosted on the company's servers:

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Phone: +387 36 316 311

Rights of users who have contacted Chess ABC

The visitor has the right to review and update his contact information at any time, and if he wants to delete it permanently, he can contact the e-mail address

Personal data - legal basis of collection and processing

By contacting and sending personal data, visitors to the Chess ABC website clearly express their interest in individual areas of expertise and services offered by Chess ABC. In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679, Chess ABC's legitimate interest is to inform visitors who have left their data about the services for which they have expressed interest, and it is considered that they expect such communication and consider it desirable. 

Every informative message sent to users based on the legitimate interest described above allows for a simple objection to the sending of such messages, and in the case of such an objection, it will be unconditionally accepted and acted upon.

Third parties

Except for its own needs described above, Chess ABC will not transfer personal data for use by third parties.

Internet addresses

Internet (IP) addresses of visitors are used exclusively for creating statistical reports through the Google Analytics service. Chess ABC cannot uniquely identify visitors via IP address.


For the purposes of creating and monitoring visitor statistics, these pages use cookies - small files that are saved on the visitor's computer to help customize the user experience.


The authenticity of the Internet server can be determined by checking the Chess ABC certificate in the Internet browser.

The exchange of information with the Chess ABC server is secured by strong encryption.

Chess ABC selects service providers that include access to personal data provided for use based on a risk assessment, and requires an appropriate level of personal data protection from any third party that gains access to such data.


You can request additional information about the protection of personal data and the privacy policy of Chess ABC at, and you can contact the same address to fulfill your rights to privacy and protection of personal data.