FM Aleksandar Tomić winner of the "Corona Cup"

FM Aleksandar Tomić winner of the "Corona Cup"

The "Crown Cup" tournament was played in the period from April 23, 2020 - May 11, 2020, in which we had the opportunity to enjoy top games. 83 players applied for the tournament, so it was necessary to play a qualifying tournament, as the cup itself was limited to 64 players. Among the registered players were 21 titled players, two of whom are GMs.

The most interesting matches were broadcast via Andrija Obad's twitch channel, where a large number of spectators gathered.

The system of the tournament was knockout, so the number of participants gradually decreased. In the final, there were two young players FM Tomić, Aleksandar and FM Rijad Burović, who showed very interesting games. After Burović took a convincing 3-0 lead, it seemed that the match would not last long and that Burović would easily bring it to an end, but at that moment there was a big turnaround and the next 4 games went to Tomić's side. At the end of the match, Tomic won with a score of 5.5: 4.5.