Čunjalo Faris is the winner of the online tournament on the occasion of Europe Day at Lichess

Čunjalo Faris wiiner of the tournament "Online Open Blitz Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina"

On May 9, 2020, the "Online Open torunament on the occasion of Europe Day" was held at Lichess. The organizers of the tournament were Čunjalo Faris and Marković Dino. The competition system, with a small repair of the announcement, was a Swiss of 11 rounds. The pace of the game was 3 minutes plus a bonus of 2 seconds per move. The tournament will be rated for the Lichess blitz rating list. 55 players from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the tournament.

The first place was won by Čunjalo Faris (Lichess nick - Keepserene) with 8.5 points from 11 rounds, the second place was won by Vajić Goran (Lichess nick - Sabke) with 8 points from 11 rounds. Up to the fifth place were the players with 8 points and an additional criterion decided. Therefore, Koso Ekrem (Lichess nick - eko12345) took the third place, the fourth place was taken by CM Kekić Armin (lichess nick - kekic76), and the fifth place was taken by FM Obad Andrija (andro2204).

Among the top 10 finished are:
6th place Bojo Leon (Lichess nick - LeonBojo) with 7.5 points 
7th place Hadžić Sabahet (Lichess nick - SabahetBatoHadzic) with 7.5 points 
8th place FM Hadžović Amir (Lichess nick - Hadza_3) with 7 points 
9th place Kadušić Jasmin (Lichess nick - salja_mk) with 7 points 
10th place Juić Ranko (Lichess nick - MK_Juic_R) with 7 points 

The whole tournament passed in positive jokes and good company.