Corona cup starts today

Corona cup starts today

As we all know in recent months, chess has moved from chess boards to the internet. One of the projects that has attracted a lot of interest is the Corona Cup, whose first round starts today at 18:00. However, at 17:30 we invite you to connect to the Twitch channel where the details of the game play will be explained.

Some of the things you need to know are:

  • All pairs are found here at
  • After looking at the doubles you need to challenge your opponent at at the time the round is agreed upon.
  • It wouldn't be a bad idea to contact him earlier for something, just so we wouldn't have any problems starting the tournament
  • 6 games are played at a tempo of 3 minutes per player plus 2 seconds per move played
  • If the result is a draw after 6 rounds then 2 additional games are played at the same pace
  • If the result is still a draw after the first extension, an armageddon game is played
  • In an Armageddon game, a weaker FIDE blitz rating chooses the color of the figure. White gets 5 minutes, black 4, but black is enough draw to go further
  • After you finish the game you need to report your result here in the comments, after which we will check the results and enter them.


  • Mrndjic
    24.04.2020 17:34:35

    Pozdrav,zasto nema mojih partija iz 1,kola protiv Sinanovica

    • mjelcic
      24.04.2020 20:36:48

      Ne ubacujemo inače sve partije, samo odabrane. Al tvoje su sigurno zanimljive pa ćemo ih ubaciti. Isto tako ako netko još želi da njegove ubacimo a preskočili smo neka se slobodno javi.

  • Andro2
    24.04.2020 08:55:07

    Prvo kolo je iza nas. Bilo je toliko uzbudljivo i zabavno! Idemo dalje.

  • Mrndjic
    23.04.2020 19:05:58

    Pozdrav prosao sam bio je zanimljiv mec 4,5:1,5

    • mjelcic
      23.04.2020 19:54:37


  • juvefun
    23.04.2020 18:49:00

    meč juvefun-amuske rezultat 3,5-1,5

    • mjelcic
      23.04.2020 19:54:32