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Founded: February 23, 2009

Founders: Mirza Omerovic (oMirza) and Ibrahim Mehinovic (Ibro0)

EUROPEAN AND WORLD LEAGUE - standard chess, daily pace

From the very beginning, she has competed in the European and World League, in which national teams compete. The leagues are divided into divisions. There were four divisions with 60 teams in the beginning of the world league and five divisions with 48 teams in the European league. In 2018, the World League had 6 divisions with a total of 98 teams and the European 5 divisions with 50 teams. Until 2012, our team was in the first divisions of both leagues. Starting in 2013, poorer results and a decline in the weaker divisions to finish in the fourth divisions in 2018 ranked 33rd in the European League and 39th in the World League. Since January 2019, the team is being taken over by new admins: AnisBalic (Nezh2455), Emir Softić (Bosnian Assassin) and Refik Fileković (refko1977), and the situation is significantly improved. The number of members with just over 300 increases to 870 members. The team is joined by active BiH players, of which 2 are intermasters and a number of FIDE masters. In both leagues we achieved the maximum number of victories with a convincing difference and already in September secured entry into a stronger division. Recently, the team has been further strengthened by the fact that Bojan Milovanovic (bokacm) and Alexander Kalaba (Alexander Kalaba) have accepted the functions of the admin. A total of 113 players played in the world league and 75 players in the European league. The average number of boards per match was 45.9 (league average is 35.9) in the world and 27.6 (league average is 22.7) in the European league. The strength of our national team is indicated by the average rating, in the world league we had 1744 (league average is 1626) and in Europe 1822 (league average is 1659). In the World League we had 66.2% wins, 10.8% draws and 22.9% losses (for comparison: the runner-up team had 54.3%; 9.5%; 36.2%). Even greater dominance was maintained in the European League, with 68.1% winning, 9.7% draw and 22.2% defeat (runner-up: 51.2%; 7.4%; 41.4%).

WORLD LEAGUE - Chess 960, daily pace

Since 2012, the World Chess League 960 has begun. That year it was played according to the Swiss system and our team was 19-23. place (42 teams in total) securing participation in Division B for 2013. The league has grown to 72 teams in 2018, and we are ranked 24th (Division C). As already mentioned, this year the team was strengthened, and we secured a place in Division B, among the top 20 national teams. A total of 104 players played. The average number of boards per match was 42.8, which is approximately the average of the division (42.5). The rating is not relevant because our players have just started playing this type of chess. We had 53.2% win, 6.4% draw and 40.4% defeat (runner-up: 50.2%; 7.3%; 42.5%). The averages say two things: we are in a stronger division than we are in standard chess and our players are not interested in this type of chess.

WORLD LEAGUE - standard chess and chess 960, live tempo

In addition to competing at the daily pace (chess correspondence), our team is competing in the LCWL live league this year. This league is divided into the main competition, where Blitz and Bullet (standard chess) and Rapid (chess 960) are played and side-by-side in which only Rapid (standard chess) is played. The major part of the league is divided into 4 divisions, of which the first three have 8 teams each, and the fourth 10 (season S4). All three temps are played in the first division, Rapid 960 and Blitz in the second and third and Blitz in the fourth. There are three divisions in the secondary division, of which the first and the third have 8 teams and the second division 6 (season S4). So, in total, 34 teams competed in the major league and 22 teams in the minor. We were in the third division in the main part of the competition and we won the second place, which allows us to compete in the playoffs for passage to the second division for the S5 season, which begins in January 2020. Thanks to the first place in the second division of the S3 season in the rapid league (sideline) this year, we competed for the title of best and managed to make it to the finals, defeating Russia, France, the Czech Republic and Argentina. In the finals, we lost to Serbia and thus achieved the best success of the national team - the silver medal in the S4 season.


Our Premier League teams have started their competition this year. Started with 10 teams that numbered 5-6 players, and ended with 8 teams that increased their squad to 7 players. Matches are played on four boards. Games are played at daily tempo (3 days), rapid (15/2) and flash (5/2) tempo for standard chess and daily (3 days) for chess 960.


In addition to the Team Championship, there is also a Team Championship that is modeled on the European and World League. Therefore, players are divided into four divisions according to rating and there is a system of advancement, that is, regression to a stronger and weaker division. In Division 1, there were 9 players per division. The 3rd Championship is currently playing, with 12 players per division.


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