Bosnia and Herzegovina's first victory in LCEL against Galicia on

Bosnia and Herzegovina's first victory in LCEL against Galicia on

On Sunday 13.09.2020. starting at 20:00, the team of Bosnia and Herzegovina played the match of the fifth round of the European League against Galicia, an extremely strong opponent. Galicia beat second-placed Romania 4-1, and the Slovak team convincingly 5-0, and they played 2-3 against fourth-placed Kazakhstan. They lost to Russia with the same result as to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5: 0.

The table after mostly played four rounds (Galicia has five and the Czech Republic three matches) looks like this:

The captains of the BiH Premier League teams did a great job because in all three matches, the BiH team had a larger number of registered players. There were 6 more players in the bullet, 13 in the blitz, and 9 in the rapid. Also, Bosnia and Herzegovina had a higher average rating in all matches (bullet - 224, blitz - 274 and rapid - 189 points).

All three matches were similar in terms of percentage.

Bullet: 62 tables, 84: 40

Blitz: 51 boards, 69.5: 32.5

Rapid: 42 boards, 55.5: 28.5

TOTAL: 209: 101 or 67%: 33%

Bosnia and Herzegovina had a total of 73 players in the clash against Galicia, of which 27 players played all three matches, 28 players two matches and 18 players only one match.

Below is a table with match details:

There were 15 players in the BiH team with maximum performance, two at all three paces, four at two paces and nine at one pace.

When it comes to the effects of Premier League teams, the situation is as follows:

A total of 106 players have played in the previous four rounds of the European League for BiH. The number of appearances (two games) and the total number of points are shown in the table:

The total performance (four rounds) for the teams is shown below: